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"If you come in, I’m not sending you home. I warned you!"

Ah, okay, this is from The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.  The red-shirt guy is actually female, right? (Thanks to benben-and-jerrys.)

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Go off anon and ask me for the password. - If you happen to ask anonymously, you won’t be able to get the password. 
There’s only one password and it applies for the entire blog. If you already asked for it, you got it.
If you have questions about downloading please go through How to download, play and watch before going to me.


3P 无套 大鸡鸡 口交 帅

3Players Bareback  big cock  blow job  handsomes



One of my favorite photoshoots taec has EVER done

(Source: taecyeon-1)


Oh, man, this is the kind of smooth young guy that makes my cock throb. I love his long hair. I love the way he holds himself. His beautiful torso. I could suck his cock all day.

Watch clip: http://hotgoo.com/watch/40827

Via yestello

Via yestello

Lee Junho, 2PM

Lee Junho, 2PM

(Source: sosukes)


Common good luck charm in Hawaii…with some personalized addition here.


Common good luck charm in Hawaii…with some personalized addition here.

(Source: unhungheroes)

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